Blog 2013

Author:Hamail Raza

"Gulzar Alam “The harmonious Voice of KPK"

Gulzar Alam is a famous Pashto singer belonging to the North-Western province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is serving as Director Music in a local channel, still residing in Peshawar as he declared to stay put, as strong as rock sheltering the culture and values of Pashto lok (folk) music. He is one of the people who are toiling hard and defying the horrendous conditions and threats by scanted problem mongers, serving as the inspiration to the millions.
On 26th of October 2013, he was invited to TEDxINU as a Performer, organized under the banner of a well-known university of KPK, “Iqra National University Peshawar”. TEDx, a platform provided by TED International for “ideas worth spreading” throughout the world on regional basis.
In such a harsh and critical circumstances of Peshawar, with a lot of security threats of terrorism, the Iqra National University stood up for making this event achievable to be held in Peshawar. The mantra of TEDxINU was “Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa; Ancient and Modern perspective”.
Gulzar Alam exchanged ideas regarding the evolution and revolution in Pashto music and sing on the behalf of Musical Revolution. Starting from the initial songs recorded on the national radio channel back in 1903 till the influence of modern instruments like (Guitar, Violin , piano etc) and technology in music adopted from the west. He spoke about the initial platforms of Music in this Region of KPK.
His Musical Performance started with instrumental interlude. The rhythm and tune of Tabla were synchronized with the heart beats of the attendees. The skills of Singing and playing Harmonium together, made the crowd more conscientious. The two Partners with respectable Gulzar Alam were playing the traditional Rabab and Tabla as the two instruments for providing music to the song, which literally played a vital role in capturing the audience attention. Then he sung a tremendous pashto song “Tora Da Jalakai” which forced the attendees to hoist up and start performing Atan, a famous Pashto cultural dance. The song was so marvelous that it filled some kind of superfluous energy in the people dancing.
That outstanding performance by Gulzar Alam made the evening more entertaining and uproarious.