Blog 2013

Author:M Abbas Khan

Lets Value Whats More Valuable

Dr. Abdul Rauf, Professor Political Science Department, UOP

Dr Abdur Rauf, a man of knowledge, dignity and mindset presented a stream of finely addressed literary conditions of schools of the present and the the past. His TED talk at TEDxINU was very well summed up giving the examples of the present and the past conditions. He discussed the importance of those schools which produced new innovative brains minds and a group of people based on perfection and the ignorance of those schools now in the present. DR abdul rauf made his TED talk so riveting and captivating that people couldn’t stop listening to him with concentration and grabbed information and guidance which earned him a standing ovation from the attendees.
Dr. Rauf brought up the history of a School in Utmanzai (Charsadda) formed in 1920s in that remote and isolated town. Unlike other institutions, this school wasn’t formed under a proper government educational legislation but by the natives of that town by themselves. The initial batches used to attend classes by sitting on the grass because of the insufficiency of classrooms. The students out of town also joined the school and for their accommodation, a hostel was formed despite lack of resources. The people of Utmanzai showed an immense level of sacrifice and helped in the financial and other matters of the school.
Dr. Rauf also threw light on the perspective of the founding committee of the school named “Azad High School” which consisted of the respected and noble elders of the town. They handled all the matters of the school from designing the curriculum to the financial and administrative matters. Apart from running the school, they also urged the natives of the town to admit the changing trends of time and adopt them in order to compete with the people of developed cities. Similarly, they supported the right of females to get education. They convinced the people to send their daughters to school by setting an example by sending their own young girls to school. With the passage of time, the word spread and Azad High school gained fame in towns and cities of the region. This school created and polished a lot of talented minds which proved their mettle in the field of Politics, sociology and Arts in India and Pakistan later. The school enjoys the status of commencing the first stage drama of Pashto language.
At the same time of formation of Azad High School, There were some other schools formed in India which have attained the level of University today including the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth (Varanasi) and Jamia Millia Islamia (Delhi), one of the famous educational institutions of South Asia. On the other hand, Azad High School is still in the same remote condition as it was 80 years ago despite the fact that this school had given birth to one of the great minds of South Asia. The school is hardly known by anyone today and is experiencing deteriorating conditions. After the creation of Pakistan, the educational department failed to show any concern in preserving and developing this school which was one of the prominent institutions in 1930s.
Dr. Rauf concluded his TED talk with a scrutinizing question that if the schools formed in India can gain the status of internationally known universities today, then why had Azad High School been ignored?.
Why couldn’t this school get attention and aid from the educational department of government?. “I sum up my talk with the question that what are those reasons due to which this school is unknown today unlike its sister institutions in india?”