Blog 2013

Author:M Abbas Khan

We Can, the Theatre Group

KPK, in general and Peshawar in particular, was not lucky enough to enjoy the opulence of theatres and stage shows during the last century. In other cities of Pakistan, apart from TV channels and Media production companies, students of different institutions showed great heed to the performance arts and started taking initiatives to form theatre groups and performed stage dramas and mimes. This trend soon gravitated to the land of the Hospitable. In Peshawar, different institutions pioneered the theatre and performance arts and convinced students to partake in taking the theatrical status of KPK competent to other cities of Pakistan.

The instigation became a mile stone. The idea floated to some talented minds and theatre groups came into being by students without being patronized by any institution. One of them is the We Can Theatre Group formed by a dozen students from different institutions of Peshawar. Bearing the tagline we use theatre as a medium of awareness. To motivate our society towards a positive change, the We Can group members are trained in acting and theatre by one of the top theatre institutions of Pakistan including Ajoka Theatre and BKTF. The group also won the Dramatic Competition IMSciences, Peshawar twice (2012 and 2013).

The We Can theatre group was invited to perform their mime titled as Badlun (The Change maker) in the first TEDxINU event themed “KP; Ancient and Modern Perspective”. Aimed to motivate the society towards a positive attitude and optimism through their silent performances, the group performed a breathtaking and stupendous mime which exacted the attendees of the event to a standing ovation. In accordance to the theme of TEDxINU, We Can group divided their mimes in different sections, each section revealing a different era from the start of 20th century till date starting from the pre independence era to the conditions of Peshawar today due to the consequences of “War against Terror”. Each section was so meticulously performed that the audience were stunned and enchanted by the fidelity of the performance. The mime was concluded by a message of peace and tolerance not just to the city of Peshawar, but to the whole world.