Core Team

Maryam Arshad


I am passionate about my work. Persistence and improvement: two words that stand synonymous with my work .A marketer by choice, a Pakistani patriot at heart; I certainly believe we are all CEOs of our own world, our dreams, and our lives. My life is partially about shaping my dreams into reality.I aspire to see Pakistani youth pave its way on the path towards success.

Maliha Khan

Recruitment Officer

An artist to the hove…. I am someone who enjoys literature and art. Words come to me as naturally as breathing comes to man. I live by them, they supply me warmth.

Muhammad Abbas Khan

Head Content Team

A Civil Engineering student with vision to see Pakistan as one of the best nations of the world and its talented natives, given the chance to proof their mettle in every field of life. In today’s highly competitive world, a need of strong and aggressive leadership to meet ever-changing goals is an open challenge

Hunain Hayat Bangash

Head Media & Design

I am dynamic, rousing and a realist person. Artist to heart, I love designing and innovating. I am an adventurous person and I thrive on excitement. I want to make history and be remembered as ‘somebody’. My motto in life is, “I don’t need a crisis to feel alive.”

Hassan Ayub

Head Marketing & Publications Team

I am a self-motivated person with the belief the key for humanity is ISLAM. I like to change society in good measures and one thing i do not like is people changing me. I like to help everyone and love achieving and running after my dreams.
The term “Fall” exists in my dictionary as an experience before the flight, so I believe in rising again not just as a common man but as an impressionist, a follower,believer and impact creator! i believe in hard work.i like to take proper decisions at the most appropriate hour !!

Muhammand Sabtain Tahir

Media & Design

I Am a Telecom Engineer and have no limitations in work and knowledge seeking because of risk taking behavior I always keep loose in my mind which creates a winning situation for me. I love the problems because That gives me a lot of experiences and enhance my knowledge by getting solutions of problems. To Achieve my goals, i do every thing and Make them Reality.